Client Talent



In 2007, voice talent Trish Basanyi had the task of finding a Colombian Spanish voice talent at the request of an important client. Through an exhaustive search, Trish was able to produce a few quality results for the requested dialect and the talent level the client desired. Through this search, Trish saw the need for a website that allowed English-only speaking clients and Spanish-speaking talent to connect with each other. This virtual marketplace simplified the once taxing search, into an organized meeting place fulfilling supply and demand. Today VoiceCasa provides quality results with numerous search and compatibility options.


Language is the method by which we choose to communicate our message to the world. When trying to reach a different foreign community, it is important to bridge the language gap with the correct dialect so it is familiar to your audience. VoiceCasa was created as a barrier-breaking marketplace, where talent help bridge that gap to meet the language needs of clients.